Frequently asked questions

What are your opening times?

What are your opening times? Our opening times vary between Nurseries, to find out more about your local Rosedene Nursery click here.

How long will it take for my child to settle in?

In accordance with our admissions policy, when your child is ready to start attending our nursery we will agree with the parents / carers the best way to introduce and settle a child, ensuring their individual needs are met. We welcome parents to attend sessions until they feel confident their child has settled in well and no longer needs them to stay. We would then increase the time the parents leave their child at each visit or session. New starters are introduced gradually in small numbers over a planned period of time to allow each child the time and support needed to settle.

What do I need to bring when my child starts?

The items you need to bring vary depending on the age of the child, their individual requirements will be discussed with you by the manager of the nursery prior to starting. In order to maximise outdoor play opportunities parents will be required to provide sun hats and sun cream for the summer and coats, hats, scarves and gloves.

How often will my child go outside?

We provide accessible outdoor play opportunities for all children which aims to promote the development of motor skills, independence confidence, self-esteem and socialisation. The outdoor area is accessed daily throughout the year to maximise outdoor play opportunities. During the summer months additional precautions will include the wearing of sun hats and sun cream. Additional clothing must be worn during the winter months to protect children from the cold, there being hats, scarves and gloves.

Will my child go on trips?

As part of your Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum the children undertake a range of local outings including walks and visits etc. Outings and visits are planned to compliment and enhance learning opportunities for the children. Permission will be sought for your child to be included in such outings.

Do you have a curriculum?

Yes. The EYFS is a framework that is mandatory for all early years providers. The legislation refers to children learning and development requirements and the safeguarding and welfare requirements. It sets the standards that all early years providers must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe. To learn more about the EYFS framework you can download it from this page.

What will happen if my child has an accident at nursery?

The safety of your child is paramount and we will take every measure we can to protect your child from hurting themselves. However, if your child does have an accident we have a strict accident / incident policy that we will follow. if you would like to see this policy please get in touch. Most staff are trained in paediatric first aid, this training is updated every three years.

What will happen if my child requires medication?

In the event that a child requires medication whilst at nursery our 'administration of medication' policy is to be strictly followed. The nursery does not administer medication unless written consent is given.

Will my child be able to sleep during the day?

Rosedene ensure the rest and sleep needs of babies and children are met in a safe and secure environment in partnership with parents.

What are your fees?

For our current prices please contact individual nursery settings. To view a list of our nurseries click here.

Can I visit the nursery?

Yes, we have an open door policy or if you want to book a visit click here. A member of staff will be available to provide you with a tour of the setting and answer any questions you may have. Appointments are not needed as we want you to see the nursery in operation.

Do you have a siblings discount?

We offer 10% of the second child joining the nursery, as long as both are using full time places.