10 Fun Activities To Try With The Kids

It can be difficult to come up with new ideas to keep the kids entertained this is why we are sharing 10 fun and simple activities you can try at home that are low cost and you may even already have around the house!

1. Giant Self Portrait – Get a large piece of paper and draw around your toddler. Then simply get the to colour themselves in.

2. Paper Plate Faces - Get plain white paper plates. Draw the features on and then let your toddler colour them in with pens or paint. If you’re feeling really creative, you can stick some strips of paper on top for hair.

3. Make Binoculars – Use two toilet roll tubes and glue or tape them together. Get a piece of string and tie it around each toilet roll tube to make a loop. Once done you can go out into the garden or even for a walk and see how many birds you can spot!

4. Bubble Painting – Mix paint with water and dish soap, stir it up in a bowl then blow into it with straws to make a bubbles. Help your toddler gently place a piece of paper over the bubbles to take a print. Repeat with different colours to make a beautiful picture!

5. Finger Paint Butterflies - Draw the butterfly’s body in the middle of a piece of paper (it basically just needs to be an oval with some antenna on top). Then encourage your toddler to create the wings using their hand print or with their fingers. You can draw an outline of the wings to help your toddler.

6. Leaf Painting – Go for a little walk to collect some leaves. Get your toddler to paint them different colours then press them onto paper to make a pretty collage.

7. Toilet Roll Multi-Pen – Use an empty toilet or kitchen roll. Stick 5 or 6 different coloured pens around the outside with Sellotape. Now your toddler will be able to make multi coloured patterns.

8. Potato Stamps – Get a potato and cut it in half. If you want to make a specific shape, draw it on the flat side of the potato and then cut out with a sharp knife. Alternatively, just use the potato half as it is. Get your child to paint the shape or flat side and stamp it onto paper.

9. Foot Painting - Do this one outside and use a very large piece of paper. Get a tray and pour some paint into it. Remove your toddler’s shoes and socks. Encourage them to stand in the tray and then walk across the paper.

10. Tissue Paper Sticking - Grab some coloured tissue paper or wrapping paper, cut it into squares and then let your toddler stick it to a piece of paper however they want.

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