Childhood influenza immunisation programme

As part of our role in keeping your child safe we get passed information from various sources. We are helping the Department for Health by raising awareness of the childhood influenza immunisation programme. In 2013, the Department for Health started a phased roll-out programme to extend the offer of influenza vaccination to children. The vaccine is given as a nasal spray. This is quick and painless and no injection is involved. Not only does the influenza vaccine help to protect the children themselves, but by reducing the spread of influenza it will also help protect family members and others in the community. The influenza vaccine also promotes a healthy environment in nurseries and preschools by reducing the risk of spread of influenza to others including staff. This coming winter, all children aged two and three can get the vaccine at their general practice. This is usually administered by the practice nurse. Previously children aged four , were offered the vaccine at their GP surgery, but this year these children will be offered the vaccine at school. Further information has been produced by Public Health England and can be found at If you would like any further information about the programme please e-mail [email protected].

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