4 Christmas Decorations To Make With Kids

1. Cupcake Case Christmas Trees – simply fold the cases into a triangular shape and let the kids decorate as the please. You can use pompoms, stickers, felt, the possibilities are endless. You can even loop ribbon around the top to make a tree decoration!

2. Fingerprint Baubles – Buy some cheap baubles, ideally sturdy plastic ones to help prevent any accidents if the little ones get a little too excited and squeeze the baubles. Then get the paint out and make Christmas characters out of fingerprints. Not only is this super fun but it creates lifelong memories of those small hands for many more years to come.

3. Bead Candy Canes – All you need is pipe cleaners and red and white beads, and you can transform them into candy canes this activity is great for practicing fine motor skills.

4. Homemade Snow Globes – All you need is an empty jar, could be from jam, sauce or even pickles! You can put anything you like inside, be mindful to choose items that won’t break down in water such as plastic toys and decorations and for an even more personal touch you can laminate a photo of your child! Create your scene on the bottom of the jar lid so that once complete the jar can stand up on the lid as the base. Be mindful to leave enough room around the edges of the jar so that you can still screw the lid on. Next fill your jar almost to the top and then add plenty of glitter. You can also add glycerine if you wish as this will slow the flow of the glitter down to the bottom. All that is left to do now id seal the jar, you can use glue or electrical tape. If the jars are going to be stored out of reach of the children, then you may not feel the need to seal the jar, not sealing the jar can also make it easier to change the water if necessary or fix any bits that may have broken off.

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