Things To Do On An Autumn Walk

The Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The leaves are changing colours, providing deep browns and auburn tones. It's truly beautiful, so why not throw on an extra jumper and embark into the damp woodlands and take in the natural beauty around us? Although the bees and wasps will be busy finding their hibernation for the winter, we can still find a few animals that bask in the cold temperatures, including squirrels and the infamous Robin with its distinctive red chest.

In this blog post, we will discuss the ways in which you can introduce children to the wonders of nature as well as some fun activities you can try out to help them fully feel the benefits and enjoy the outdoors, gaining their well-needed fresh air.

Scavenger Hunt

Some children love to carry a pencil and paper around on their walk, ticking off items they see whilst others prefer to be spontaneous, like asking the following question for example, ‘how many different types of flowers are there?’ There are a number of variations of the activity and you can focus on specifics, such as flowers, trees and animals. When their adrenaline takes hold and their mind begins to process the game, locating the whereabouts of the items on the list, they may even run to find them. The game is all about exploration and social engagement. You can play head-to-head challenges or just go on an adventure for fun, like the one where you search together to find some delicious chocolate! The idea of prize gives them what they love - determination in trying again if they lose but also having a reason now so there will always be another chance at winning through competition instead giving up once defeated.

Hide and Seek

This game is often categorised as a favourite with children. In the woods, it is even better because there are so many open spaces and plenty of trees to hide behind in the process. This game allows them to engage in exercise and enjoy the ambience nature provides.

Picture Perfect

If your child loves capturing memories or being a little creative, why not purchase a disposable camera to capture their walk? There are some cameras which are definitely child friendly, to avoid any mishaps when they drop the camera for instance. Once you are home, you can go print out the images and look back on the fun outing. Children love to see what they have produced, and this might inspire them to take more walks, in different places just to capture those specific moments.

Splash in Puddles

Children love to create a mess and there’s no better way to do it than them jumping in a muddy puddle. They are purely driven by the need for exploration and inquisitiveness. It allows their senses and motor skills to be incorporated too and this is beneficial in terms of child development. Their physical skills are heightened due to the slippery conditions, and this means the child must remain on their feet to avoid becoming completely sodden. Balance and gross motor skills are the main benefits when they partake in activities in rainfall or even just puddles post weather front. Though, of course, being out in the rain too long does mean they may catch a cold from wet attire, so it’s best to make the activity short-lived.

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