Babies on a mission!

After a new parent who joined us recently had been amazed by the baby nursery experience offered at Rosedene, we wanted to bust the myths to explain what nursery life for babies with us is all about.

Did you know… the brain doubles in size during the babies first 12 months – with 90% of brain growth happening before the age of 5!

Rosedene’s babies (also known as Rosy cheeks) join us from 6 weeks until around 2 years old. No one day at Rosedene is the same, with the team providing endless opportunities for our babies to understand the world.

Exceptional childcare at Rosedene for babies goes beyond being a safe and secure place, it provides children with nurturing relationships and stimulating environments, which scaffolds babies development from an early age. Attending Rosedene from an early age aims to help children gain confidence and social skills, even from a very early age babies can form relationships with both staff and other children.

Watch what life as a baby at Rosedene is all about:

Lisa, Rosedene Kader Manager, describes our baby experience,

“Care for babies is incredibly specialist. The ratio of staff to children is much smaller than any other age – one member of staff to three children – at Rosedene we work around the babies individual needs and routines so they can sleep whenever is best for them in a comforting ‘home from home’ environment.”

Many parents rely on us so that they can get back to work, into their usual routines and leave their babies in a trusted, nurturing environment. Being a parent is exhausting and nursery care is there to give parents the break they need.

Our Managers have joined together to answer some of our most recently asked questions this year.

Baby FAQs answered:

What activities do babies do during the day?

Our babies explore a range of activities whilst at nursery. We promote sensory activities, encouraging children to feel, taste and see a range of food, scented materials and textures. Sand, water and mud are explored day to day with children using different materials/tools to scoop and pour. We follow every child’s interests and promote a key focus in activities to support home and setting partnerships, and follow what skills are also being learnt at home. Activities also including singing songs, reading stories, exploring musical instruments any many more! All activities are tailored to individual children’s needs and learning.

What effects could the impact of Coronavirus outbreak have on babies?

Covid has been incredibly difficult for everyone, including babies. Although people may believe babies are too young to have been impacted, research shows that there could be some long-lasting effects. Parents have had very little face to face contact and support from health visitors, which naturally can cause some anxieties for parents. These anxieties and poor mental health could have had an impact on the babies well-being and behaviour.

Babies may have become more clingy and attached to parents with the long periods of time spent together and not being able to access childcare.

Babies and children have been exposed to more screen time activity and less interaction with other children, which leads to them becoming more withdrawn and shy.

What advice can we give to parents who feel Covid has had a negative impact on their babies?

Constantly talk to your baby explaining what activities you are doing, this will help promote speech and confidence. Read books, stories, and songs together, having some quiet relaxed time away from screens.

Provide safe socialising environments with other babies and children of a similar age where possible, access childcare even for a couple of hours each week to help reassure babies and parents that they can be separated. Don't hesitate to seek support from your childcare support networks.

Ensure that as parents you are focusing on your own mental health, exercise, eating well and taking time for yourself.

Can the babies sleep at Rosedene at any time?

We work around our babies individual needs and routines so they can sleep whenever is best for them in a comforting ‘home from home’ environment. We create cosy snugs for babies to be able to take themselves off for a rest or sleep whenever they need.

How can I be involved in my child's learning?

When your child starts nursery, parents are asked to complete a form called what to expect and when. This gives us a guide of your child’s development and what they have been learning at home so far. We also talk to you about what they are interested in and enjoy.

We communicate with parents throughout your child's learning journey sending regular observations and termly assessments, which parents can add comment to. We encourage parents to send in their own observations of experiences at home and work together on targets/ key focus for your child.

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