With the start of the new autumn term, we delighted our children returning to nursery with a visit from Timmy the pony!

The 6 year old black miniature horse, who normally

resides at a local family farm was bathed, brushed and fed by our Rosedene children while they learned about the importance of caring for animals. Here we have Theo feeding Timmy a bowl of carrots!

At Rosedene we regularly welcome animals as part of our children's experience, including hatching chicks in an incubator and visits from one of our Director's Brian the jack-a-poo.

Our children can learn first-hand about caring for animals; how to be gentle , how to understand risk, how to feed them and how to play with them. All the children love being involved, and it is particularly beneficial for children who don’t have pets of their own.

The Rosedene family owners have always had animals, so it’s an absolute pleasure for them to share them with the children we care for.

Timmy had a lovely time being pampered by the children at Northallerton and is looking forward to visiting Rosedene again soon!

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