Children’s Play Ideas

Its no secret that children love to play, and trough play they can learn, and develop their skills. Playing with your child also gives you precious time together. Both parents and children benefit from playing together as it strengthens bonds and improves behaviour. Below are a few low cost and no cost activity ideas you can try at home to encourage your child’s imagination and creativity through play.


Turning household items into playthings:

· Material

· Fabric

· Blankets

· Sheets

· Cardboard boxes

· Old clothes

· Buckets

· Baskets

· Wood/logs/sticks

· Plastic bottles

All of the items can be adapted for fun activities and games with your child.

Bubble Socks

Simply make bubble socks by:

· Cut a plastic bottle in half

· Cover the end with a sock

· Dip it in soapy water

· Blow through the end of the bottle

When you do this bubble will appear on the toes of the socks!

Ice Finds

Fill a large container with water and drop in some small play items such as farm animals dinosaurs etc. Place it in the freeze to freeze overnight. Remove the ice and place on a tray, sandpit, or water table and give your children small kitchen utensils to break the ice and find the hidden toys.

Water Painting

This activity only works on sunny days! Fill a bucket with water and give your child a paintbrush, let them paint pavements, walls, drainpipes fences etc with water.

Drawing With Chalk

You can pick up chalk fairly cheap from most bargain and craft shops. Your child will enjoy drawing all over the pavements, driveway, outside walls. It can also be fun to let them wash their drawings away with water so they can start all over again once it is dry.

Drawing Outdoors

When the weather permits you can take indoor play outside. Take rolls of paper, cardboard or anything else than can be drawn on outside along with pencils, felt tips, paint etc let out a sheet and let your child’s imagination run free. The added bonus of this activity is that any little accidents and spills won’t ruin the carpets!

Getting Hands Dirty

Fill a container with mud or go to a muddy area of the garden and give your child yoghurt pots, spoons, twigs, stones, small toys and let their imaginations run wild, you can even add a bit off water to make mud pies.

At Rosedene Nurseries we encourage learning through play, and this is something that parents can have fun with as well. If you would like to find out more about fun activities you can play at home with your child then contact our team at Rosedene Nurseries today.

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