Get Creative With A Cardboard Box!

Cardboard boxes are a fantastic ‘toy’ for children of all ages to play with. They inspire creativity and help children’s imaginations thrive as they reinvent the cardboard box into something completely different and exciting! The ideas are endless, from turning the box into a castle or ship let your child’s imagination run free.

In this blog post we are going to share with you what you can do with your children at home to turn a simple cardboard box into something they will play with for hours!

What you will need:

· Carbord box

· Stickers – (shapes, pictures, numbers….)

· Stamps

· Colours – Pencils, crayons, felt tips

· Paint

· Glue

· Paper cut outs

These items are only examples you can use whatever craft materials you like to get creative with the kids. If you don’t have any cardboard boxes, then you can often get old boxes from supermarkets as they are usually more than happy to let you take a few.


· Let your children decide what they want to make, help them out with ideas if they are struggling.

· Suitable for all age groups.

· Drawing on cardboard helps get reluctant drawers and writers involved.

· Ask children how they will play with the box when it is finished.

· Add extra items as your child’s creativity and imagination develops, for example if they are making a pirate ship you can add a pirate’s flag.

Learning Opportunities:

· Hand eye co-ordination and control

· Fine motor development

· Language development (talking about what they are creating)

· Creativity and imagination

Rosedene Nurseries are passionate about using activities to support the development of children’s social skills, confidence, curiosity, learning capacity, enthusiasm, communication and problem-solving skills.

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