Meet Brian, our Doggy Director

Brian, is Rosedene's 5-year-old Jack-a-Poo, who spends a lot of time in head office and venturing out to visit each of the nurseries across the region.

Early years research shows that children who have exposure to pets get invaluable training to treat animals nicely, be patient and to treat people the same way.

At Rosedene we recognise the beneficial effect that animals have on child development, including empathy and pro-social behaviour, taking responsibilities and improving cognitive development. Our children benefit from Brian’s visits as he brings positivity, he loves to play, run a round for the ball and do tricks. The children learn new social and emotional skills having Brian around and in general animals can teach empathy and compassion and nurture non-verbal communication

Animals are an integral part of life at Rosedene and our children have had visits from donkeys into the nurseries, we are incubating and hatching eggs at the moment so there will be chickens and then, when it is safe to do so, we are going to have a visit from an alpaca later in summer!

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