New beginnings: New branding

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

To introduce our new branding, let me tell you a story about the history of Rosedene Nurseries.

Our Rosedene Nurseries owners, John & Clare McCullagh, first set foot into Rosedene Nursery in Marske-by-the-sea, as toddlers attending in the 1960’s. The two went their separate ways when they left nursery for school in 1968, at the age of 5 however, twelve years later, John and Clare met again and married in 1990.

The couple moved back to Marske where they first met, and had their first child, Alice (me). Mum, was an NHS nurse and midwife, and Dad, a local businessman.

Mum & Dad were offered the opportunity to acquire the nursery by the founder, Mrs Barr upon her retirement, so 20 years on, they sold their own house, purchased the former Zetland Church of England School & House and moved into their old nursery school.

At 2 years old, I became the youngest member of Rosedene nursery joining only five other children at that time. The school house in Marske was attached to the school, with our nursery business underneath our bedrooms! Mum & Dad had two more children, my brothers Sam & Tom – and of course, we are all graduates of Rosedene Nursery.

Rosedene’s founding principle adopted by John & Clare, was to deliver the care and development that any parent would want for their children. As the business grew it was critical to recruit & develop the best team and put them at the centre of shaping the culture that exists today. Rosedene Nursery is a trusted and safe house; with child-initiated learning and an inclusive environment for children to discover their potential - with the support of our fabulous Rosedene team.

I drew the images in this logo myself at nursery 3 years old! At the time, the nursery was filled with lots of playful learning experiences, exciting puzzles, jigsaws toys and the Rosedene children often visited Marske beach to learn about the coastal environment in which we lived.

Rosedene Nursery has expanded into 12 Rosedene nurseries across the Tees Valley and North Yorkshire.

Our values remain the same, as we continue to raise the bar in our childcare experiences. Our incredible Rosedene family are relentless in shaping new childcare practices, partnerships and child-initiated learning to prepare our children for the modern world.

Our Rosedene nurseries have evolved and provide an even more curious world of natural, immersive and adventurous learning experiences; with no one day being the same. You will not find the jigsaws, plastic toys or bright colours in nursery; instead they are filled with natural, eco-friendly products and outdoor stimulus; with lots of hands-on learning experiences in the woodland or coastal environments.

We felt it was time to refresh our branding, to ensure that it represents life at Rosedene. And as the world begins again, we are excited to introduce our new branding to you..

We wanted the logo to keep a visual identity with the original logo as we remain proud of our heritage. The colour blue represents TRUST. That is the trust you can put in our nurseries, with our team. The sunshine in the logo will stay with us. Now more than ever, this represents our positive and bright outlook for the future!

We hope you like it and we look forward to seeing everyone again in nursery very soon.

Stay safe,


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