Tips for Parents during in self-isolation!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Who can believe we’ve had a whole month of self-isolation already? We’re so proud of everyone staying home and staying safe during such an abnormal situation. We all have a job to do with a few more weeks of everyone self-isolating – so our Rosedene Team want to share our top tips for parents to make the most of your time at home..

1. Plan your time! It sounds simple, but how many of us have ‘To-do’ lists that just keep getting longer? Or we say, ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’? We find it best to write a plan at the start of every day, for you and your children, to decide what activities you can do through morning, afternoon, evening and then relax time. We even add in when and what we will have for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. This helps keep us focused.

2. PE with JOE WICKS! We love following Joe’s video exercises every day for children and parents together - here. Everyone can manage at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, we need this to keep our energy levels up; staying fit and healthy. If you don’t fancy Joe, a ‘social-distancing’ walk outside, a run up the stairs or yoga session in your bedroom!

3. Call your family members!

This is a hard time for all of us, but some of our Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Friends maybe in a worst situation than we are. Many of our older relatives are alone and lonely. Just one telephone call, video call – or even write a letter, would really make their day and make them feel loved. You can ask how they are, give ideas on how they can keep busy, or recommend new TV programmes worth watching.

4. Reflect on your happiest memories! Now is a perfect time to reflect with your children, cherish those favourite places, moments, foods, day trips or nursery activities. Organise your photos, print them online & create a family scrap book!

5. Have a clear out – I’m sure everyone is as guilty as we are for collecting things! Do you have any old items you don’t use anymore? Now is the perfect time to get them in a bag ready to support your local charity shop when they re-open.

6. Teach your child a new song – learning songs together can be a great way for your children to learn new words and keep the positivity going in your home! Here's a channel to help you with some songs.

7. Bake! It’s can be quick, easy, cheap and so much fun! Our Head Chef, Kate, has lots of recipes for you to try, this month we are baking our favourite Chocolate Brownie recipe! Be warned this can get messy, but worth the excitement when they’re ready to eat! We’d love you to share any photos of your baking creations with us, find Rosedene’s Recipe here.

8. Plan-ahead to more exciting times out of self-isolation – whose birthday, what holidays do you want to look forward to, which restaurants to visits, what activities have you got on your bucket list? Start to think about where you want to go first and make some plans.

9. Learn something new – for parents there are thousands of free online courses to learn anything you want. One platform we can recommend is Future Learn everything from How the NHS works, to Nature and Environments, or even professional qualifications. You can learn alongside your children’s Learning and development plans.

10. Theme your day – the same four walls and faces day-in-day-out of course gets boring! Why not take your family to another country? This is a great way to learn about another country, culture and have fun. Maybe it’s a Spanish Day – get dressed up, turn up the flamenco music, pick a movie with a Spanish actor, cook some tapas and paella!

Stay Safe and we can't wait to see you all again very soon.

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