Quick And Easy Toddler Activities

It can be quite difficult to keep a toddler entertained, particularly over the school holidays, this is why our team at Rosedene Nurseries have put together a list of quick and easy activities that you might want to try out with your little ones.

1. Noodle/pasta Sensory Bin – Add noodles or pasta to a large container as well as some other toys such as animals or bugs for your little on to search through and find!

2. Roll of Paper and Pens – cut of a large piece of paper and tape it to the floor, table or even wall then let your toddler run free with felt tips, stamps and even paint. There’s hours of fun to be had with a roll of paper!

3. Water Sensory Bin – fill a large container with water and simply add toys, foam letters and numbers are a good choice, even floating ducks and other animals.

4. Baking Soda and Vinegar Drips – This activity is also known as the fizzy drips activity, simply add vinegar drips to a bowl of baking soda and watch the reaction add some food colouring to the vinegar for extra entertainment!

5. Masking tape car track – you can get as creative as you like with this one, you could simply mark up a road with the masking tape on the floor and get the toy cars out, or go all out and create a miniature town using wooden blocks or duplo.

6. Colour Sorting With Toys – For this activity simply place a mixture of different coloured toys into a container. Lay out different coloured sheets of paper that match the colours of the toys and let the kids sort the toys from the container onto the relevant coloured paper.

7. Ball Toss – Use masking tape to mark a target on the wall, and make a marker on the floor that your child can stand behind. Go around and collect up all the balls you can find into one basket and let your toddler practice throwing the ball and hitting the target you have made, this activity will get them running around and using lots of energy as well as improving fine motor skills!

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