Let's Get Creative!

Week 1 of our Rosedene Day Nurseries Holiday Club is all about exploring your child's creative mind. The children will be encouraged to explore their artistic talent and create imaginative masterpieces in fitting with a range of different themes. 


Art is a language that allows children to express and develop their ideas and emotions. Artistic activities are full of processes that help us to grow and stimulate our creativity while nurturing our soul. When children are exposed to any artistic activity their brain is stimulated from sounds, movements, colors and sizes; neural connections increase and the brain is exercised and strengthened. 

During our Let's Get Creative Week, your children will be challenged to find innovative ways to use everyday objects and to look how items can be used and recycled to make something entirely new. They will get messy, this is inevitable, but it's all part of the creativity process! 

Day 1 - Lets Go Fly a Kite...

Children will be tasked with design, creating and flying their own handmade kites. Resources with be plentiful and the best flyer will win a prize! 

Day 2 - Wonderful Weaving...

This day will be packed full of fabric based crafting activities. Children will learn basic sowing and knitting skills (cutting and sticking for the little ones) and create wonderful keepsakes to take home.  

Day 3 - Mother Natures Marvels...

The children will be heading outdoors for Day 3 of Let's Get Creative. Exploring will be the key theme of the day, foraging for materials that can be used for crafting activities back at nursery. 

Day 4 - Junkyard Monsters...

This day is based around the creation of 'Junkyard Monsters'. The children will be given a wide range of materials including cardboard boxes and recycled household items which, in teams, they must use to create the scariest of Junkyard Monsters. 

Day 5 - Funky Fashion...

The final day of Let's Get Creative is one for our future fashion designers! The children will be tasked with making their own outfits and designing their own unique t-shirts, by whatever methods they choose. The best t-shirt designer will be crowned! 

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