Eco Week

Week 2 of our Rosedene Day Nurseries Holiday Club is all about saving our planet. Here at Rosedene, we are always striving to do our bit to help protect the environment around us. Now we think it's time our children were involved too! 


The idea of taking care of the earth can seem overwhelming to children, particularly given the scope of the problems facing their generation and the complexity of many of the issues involving the environment. But by starting with basic concepts and introducing them at a young age, we can help our little ones become good stewards of the environment around them. 

During our Eco Week we will be exploring both coastal and woodland environments and encouraging the children to discover new ways they can help protect our planet. We will also be delving into the world of recycling and learning about how our behaviour affects animals around the globe. 

Day 1 - Beach Babes....

For the first day of Eco Week, the children will be heading to the beach on a mission to protect our shorelines! They will be helping with a mini beach clean up and exploring the area looking solutions to help our suffering oceans and their inhabitants. 

Day 2 - Recycle, Recycle, Recycle....

This day is all about recycling and up-cycling. The children will learn all about why and how we recycle and also be set a unique up-cycling challenge which they can tackle in teams. 

Day 3 - Doing our Bit....

For Day 3 of Eco Week, the children will be tasked with devising  a pledge to help the environment around them. This could be anything from a litter pick to an plastic ban. It will be their responsibility to get the pledge off the ground and get their families on board! 

Day 4 - Wonderful Wildlife....

This day is all about the Wonderful Wildlife we share out planet with. The children will learn all about animals from different continents and discover the affect our behaviour is having on their habitats. 

Day 5 - Forest Fairies...

The final day of Eco Week will be spent in the forest at our Rosedene Forest School. The children will be exploring the eco-diverse environment and putting all their new eco-friendly knowledge to the test

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