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Forest and Beach School Ethos

Forest & Beach School is an important part to life at Rosedene.


Developing Confidence & Self Esteem

Both environments provide an inspirational learning process, that offers all children regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or coastal environment.


Right to Experience

We facilitate the environments so that our children have the right to access risk and the vibrant reality of the natural world; and the right to experience a healthy range of emotions, through all the challenges of social interaction, to build a resilience that will enable continued and creative engagement with their peers and their potential. 

The child-led approach taken interweaves with the ever-changing moods, conditions, resources and challenges of the natural world through the varying seasons to fill every session and programme with discovery and enchantment. Each session shares a common set of principles, aimed at ensuring all learners experience the cumulative and lasting benefits that Forest & Beach School offers.

​We have qualified, Level 3 Forest School Leaders and Level 3 Beach School leaders in house, who are responsible for the design and development of our programmes.

​As recent research now confirms, children and young people are stimulated by the outdoors and typically experience, over time, an increase in their self-belief, confidence, learning capacity, enthusiasm, communication and problem-solving skills and emotional well-being. As well as building strong relationships with their peers and learning to lean on them for advice, support and assistance.


2024 places are filling up fast!

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