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Community partnerships are an important part of the Rosedene experience.


One of our most special relationships, is with with our Care Home partners...

...what started as a small project at Rosedene Northallerton, now every nursery is linked with a Care Home in their local community.

Our children make regular visits to their local Care Home and plan a range of activities which benefit both the children and residents. Such as reading sessions, sign language lessons, arts and crafts and even outdoor activities such as picnics and nature trails.

Although toddlers and the elderly don’t appear to have much in common, time spent between young and old should not be under-estimated. 

Our children have developed an insight into life’s natural ageing process and a huge understanding of how to form relationships with age groups different to their own. A visit to see the residents is a pivotal part of our children’s week and something they really look forward to. Equally, a highlight of the residents weeks when seeing our Rosedene children.

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Care Home 5.jpg
‘’Having the Rosedene children come visit and interact on a regular basis has improved our Residents lives without question. A reading corner, walks around the grounds or just listening to the children’s giggles makes a huge difference.

Watching residents with dementia speak and interact in other ways when normally they have lost the ability, is a real sight to see. Listening to stories and songs that our Residents teach to the children is fascinating and they children are completely engrossed. This is a wonderful partnership for both our Residents and Children’’.

- Rebecca Clark, Head Co-ordinator at Mount Vale Care Home

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