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Rosedene App

To ensure strong communication, we use the Rosedene App, which provides parents with regular updates about your child's day, including activities, meals, sleep, nappy changes etc. The app allows us to share photos of your child's day, regular nursery information, parent events and is a great insight into life at Rosedene.


The Baby Environment  

Our unique baby nursery environment offers a safe, home from home experience, which creates a calm, tranquil space.

Through an array of natural resources, your little one has the freedom to explore, with a focus on sensory play, enabling babies to develop key skills. Our professional team follow the EYFS framework and work towards babies achieving these developmental milestones.

Outdoor learning plays an important part in our ethos at Rosedene for all ages. Rosedene's secure outdoor environments, tailored for babies, offer endless learning opportunities to develop physically, whilst being surrounded by nature.

Meals and Menus

Experienced nursery chefs prepare fresh meals daily within our nurseries, following a diverse and nutritious menu. We work alongside parents to support children's weaning journeys and adapt to meet any dietary requirements. 


The Rosedene App

Communication is key and with this in mind we have an app which you will receive regular updates about your child’s day this includes meals, sleeps and nappy changes. The app also allows us to share photos of your child’s day, important information and offers a great insight into life at Rosedene.



We create cosy, calm and safe space spaces, where children can snuggle up for naps. Children are comforted in many ways and we ensure continuity of this in nursery.

Staff complete training on safe sleeping and do regular sleep checks throughout nap time in line with our sleep policy.



From September 2024 the government has introduced new 15 hours funding for children from 9 months old. Contact us today to secure your funded baby place. Or for more information on funding, refer to our blog here.


Settling in and meeting your Key Worker

At Rosedene, we understand that it's a huge life event returning to or starting at nursery for both babies and their parents. We offer free settling in sessions, which allow this transition to be a little easier for both babies and parents. parents will be assigned a key-person and start to build those critical relationships with our qualified teams.


Throughout babies settling-in, we send regular updates and photos to keep you informed on your little ones' progress. We have regular, open dialogues with parents, highlighting key information and reflection on your child's nursery journey.

Discover our baby experience over on our YouTube channel!

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