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Forest and Beach School Programme

Forest & Beach School is an integral element to life at Rosedene.

At Rosedene, we are proud to offer innovative Forest School and Beach School programs, designed to inspire our children through the wonder of nature. These unique educational experiences provide our children with the opportunity to explore, discover, and learn in the local settings of woodlands and coastal environments.


Learning within and beyond the nursery environment

Our unique approach to forest and beach schools allows children to thrive both within the nurturing environment of our nursery gardens and the expansive natural classrooms of local woodlands and beach locations.

Forest School

Our Forest School program is a unique child-led initiative that immerses our children in the beauty and wonder of the natural world.


Guided by our qualified Forest School leaders, this program is meticulously designed to provide children with unrestricted access to natural materials, encouraging them to explore, learn, and discover at their own pace. Our Forest School philosophy emphasizes personal growth and development, focusing on nurturing self-belief, confidence, learning capacity, and enthusiasm.


Heading 2


Beach School

Our beach school curriculum brings the wonders of our local coastal areas to our children, offering them a unique outdoor classroom experience.


Our program is designed to instill lifelong lessons on sustainability and the critical importance of marine life. Through hands-on activities, children explore the delicate ecosystems of our beaches, learn the significance of preserving our oceans, and develop a deep-rooted respect for the natural world.

Explore our forest and beach school adventures on our YouTube channel

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