Rosedene's Healthy Kitchen

A balanced and nutritious diet supports healthy growth and development. Introducing healthy choices into children’s diets, makes it easier for them to able to develop a healthy relationship with food that can last them a lifetime. We are proud to have been awarded 2020 and 2019 National Nursery NMT Award Finalists up for our recipes!


Kate, our Head Chef & food educator, brings experience from teaching delicious recipes in Hong Kong, Dubai and beyond.  Kate designs cyclical menus and cooks the food with her team of Nursery Cooks, ensuring our children are educated, energized and full of nutrition every day!

We are proud to source our food from local suppliers, grow our own herbs and vegetables at nursery and cook our meals fresh every day. Our menus are carefully crafted with Kate incorporating a number of sensory qualities including taste, texture, flavour, colour and temperature. This helps children’s understanding and enjoyment of food; encouraging them to try and enjoy lots of new foods and tastes. Our weekly menus include a ‘meat-free’ day to play our part in helping the environment and demonstrate the diversity of food!

Our fully-inclusive menu ensures children are eating similar foods, despite having differing dietary requirements or allergies. Cooking and baking is a key part of our children’s learning journey in nursery. We also provide recipes of the month for our parents to follow at home.