Our daughter has been attending Rosedene now for 6 months, following 9 months at a different nursery provider.  We could not have been more pleased with the switch.  We have noticed such a difference in our little girl, who has grown into a very confident toddler.

The staff are amazing - they know each child so well as an individual and they cater to their needs both emotionally as well as educationally. As we are raising Naina bilingual, the staff take a great responsibility in her English speech development and doing so extremely well - she is coming on in leaps.


The communication is great via the App with lots of regular updates and quick responses to messages. The management gives me the flexibility I need as a vet with regards to the hours Naina is in child care without any issues. We love the fact that there is a big focus on outdoor play, but also the indoor is refreshing and challenging.

Truthfully, we cannot think of anything that is not to love about this  nursery. 

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I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards Rosedene Nurseries.

I always feel well supported and the opportunities I have gained from the company are

amazing such as training opportunities in first aid, food hygiene, curiosity approach and the list goes on!

I feel that both of my sons enjoy their time at nursery. They have both build strong relationships with the staff and other children and I am amazed by their development since being at Rosedene. I absolutely love being a part of the curiosity approach, the calmness and home environment it has brought to the setting is outstanding and the change in the behaviour of the children has been amazing to watch. 


Thanks again for being such an amazing company to be a part of both as an employee and a parent!

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 They have gone above and beyond to help us both.

The day before I was due to start work they let me and joy come and visit with just one day's notice and reassured me as we were there of what they do there and how joy will be cared for.

She has settled in so well and this is all down to the amazing care they give day in and day out all hours. The thought of juggling prepping her meals and getting her fed before I started my shift seemed extremely daunting but amazing that is all arranged there so she can have her breakfast lunch and dinner there if needed.

I am given so many updates and even some photos through the day to know what she has been doing and how she is getting on and it gives me such peace of mind so I can get on at work without stressing as I know she is being so well cared for. Even without those I don't have to think twice about how she is when I am at work as the beaming smile on her face as soon as we arrive tells me everything.

There aren't enough words to express our gratitude to all the staff at Rosedene.