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From settling in sessions to invoices, find out a little more about Rosedene Nurseries from our FAQs.

Anything else you need to know?

When and how should I book a place? 

We recommend enquiring with your local Rosedene nursery as early as possible, spaces are becoming more limited due to the expansion in funded childcare, and it’s a great opportunity for you to meet the team, explore the nursery through our guided tours with our managers, and rest assured that you have a start date booked. 

You can head over to our Contact Us page where you’ll be able to complete a short form, and our team will then be in touch to book in a visit or a call to chat through your options. 

Do you provide nappies? 

We do not provide nappies within our nursery fees, this is due to understanding that many parents have different preferences with nappy styles, brands and eco-friendly options. You’ll be able to provide your child’s nappies in their nappy bags and we’ll take your lead! 

What do you do for weaning babies?

For weaning babies, we work with families to support that journey, allowing you to communicate your preferences when it comes to their milk requirements and adapting to solid foods. 

Do the children go outside regularly?  

Every Rosedene nursery has its own garden for each of our age groups. We’d like to call ourselves an ‘all weather nursery’ meaning whether sunshine, rain or snow, your child will be experiencing the wonders of outdoor learning and the joys of physical activity. 

How often do you host parent evenings and events? 

We aim to host a parent evening/event at least once per term, and it’s something we really like to have fun with! 

Do you offer funded places? 

Yes we do offer funded places across all of our nurseries, these are subject to availability and are limited. Rosedene offer waitlists for up to 1 year before your child is due to start. We suggest securing your place as soon as possible to guarantee your place. 

How will I know if my child is settling in? 

We offer free settling-in sessions, so that both parents and the nursery feel this is the right environment for your child. This will allow your child can build their confidence within their new surroundings and create bonds with the team that will be nurturing them in their journey.


We’ll provide an update on each settling in session on how they are doing, and through our Rosedene app you’ll be kept informed of their progress along with photos of what they’ve been getting up to during the day, helping you ‘settle in’ to Rosedene too! 

How will my child sleep at nursery?  

We will follow your lead with your child’s sleep, we have safe sleeping areas in all rooms of our nurseries, and our team will be on hand to support your child to sleep. 

We understand not all children sleep in the same ways and that some may need more support than others, we will keep you updated on how often and how long your child has slept at nursery through our Rosedene app. 

Do you cater to dietary requirements?

We cater for dietary requirements and allergies, along with providing Halal options. Ensuring all children receive a similar meal to what their peers are eating. 


Which qualifications do your team have?

We have a combined team of experienced and qualified staff, along with apprentices who are studying towards achieving their Level 3 Early Years qualification. All our team are DBS checked and all our teams are 100% first aid trained (or new starters working towards being certified). 

How do your fees work? 

Our nursery fees are payable each month, an invoice will be issued to you with a timeline for payment. Any discounts or funding entitlement will be stated on the invoice. You can pay via bank transfer. We do accept some childcare vouchers, this will be confirmed by your nursery manager during the enrolment process.  

Can I claim tax-free childcare on top of funding? 

Yes, parents can claim tax free childcare on any payments you make after funding is deducted, this is all done through your Tax-Free Childcare account and is only for eligible parents. You can check your eligibility through the Childcare Choices website.   

What should my child bring to nursery? 

When you register with Rosedene, you will receive a guide with all these details ahead of your start date. 

How do meals and snacks work? 

We provide three meals a day, with two snack times. Our meals are freshly prepared within our nurseries by our experienced nursery chefs following our diverse and nutritious menu.  

We promote self-serving within our nurseries, and support all children learning to use utensils and sitting at a table with their peers at meal times.  

*Rosedene Hardwick is a packed lunch only setting, for other settings packed lunched policies please speak directly with the relevant nursery manager.

How will my child’s progress be tracked during nursery? 

The Rosedene app will allow you to monitor your child’s day to day activities within the setting, our team will also provide observations on their child with accompanying photos of key areas of their development. 

How do you ensure children are ready for school? 

Our early years practitioners support the children and their families to ensure that their individual development programme is working towards a school environment. We provide activities and opportunities for children in our pre-school rooms to gain confidence, build on their social skills and expand their learning all while keeping families updated on their progress to ensure their child is ready for a fulfilling new adventure at school. 

My child has SEND can they still attend nursery? 

We cater to many SEND children across our nurseries and provide one-to-one support where we can. Availability for SEND places is limited, and we cannot guarantee places for all children due to the additional team resource required to cater for their needs and ensure a safe and successful nursery journey. 

Do you offer stretched funding?  

We do offer stretched funding at some of our nurseries, the nursery manager will be able to confirm when you enquire about your registration. Stretched funding is where you’re able to stretch your funding entitlement across the calendar year, rather than the standard term time only. 

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