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Rosedene Olympic Torch Relay: Celebrating Unity and Community

In May, Rosedene Nurseries came together in a spectacular celebration for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics by participating in a unique Olympic torch relay, which involved all our nurseries. 

This event was not just about celebrating sports. Our very own Olympic torch was designed to symbolise our Rosedene Ethos, celebrating beach school, forest school, outdoor learning and community partnerships. 

The relay began in Northallerton, where our children embarked on a trip to Mount Vale Care Home. The lovely residents warmly greeted our little torchbearers, awarding them medals and engaging in heart-warming conversations. This integrational experience was not only memorable, but also highlighted the importance of community connections within our nurseries. 

Next, our Olympic torch travelled to the Egglescliffe Nursery. Here, the children were greeted by friends from our Sunrise Nursery. Together, they passed the torch from one nursery to the next, symbolising unity and teamwork. The children then participated in a spirited race across the field, showcasing their enthusiasm and energy. 

The relay continued to the North Tees Hospital, where children from Redhill and Hardwick nurseries received a warm welcome from the hospital staff. The highlight of this stop was a special tour of the children’s ward, giving our children a glimpse of the environment and the compassionate work of the healthcare professionals. 

Our journey led to Stuarts Park in Middlesbrough, where children from our Easterside and Hemlington nurseries proudly paraded the torch around the park. This segment of the relay was a wonderful opportunity for the children to engage with local families and visitors, spreading the excitement of the Olympic spirit within the community. 

The final stop of the relay was at Saltburn Leisure Centre. Here, children from our Saltburn, Guisborough and Ormesby nurseries were met by representatives from Saltburn in Bloom. The event at the Centre included a meaningful ceremony where our children handed over the torch to the representatives. This symbolised the unity and shared enthusiasm for the Olympic Games, bringing our relay to a fitting and joyous conclusion.  

Alice McCullagh, Managing Director of Rosedene Nurseries said “It’s wonderful to see our children engaged with the Olympic spirit. This relay not only celebrates the games but also brings our community together.” 

We hope parents are also getting ready for an exciting few months of Olympic sports!  

Check out the full event on our YouTube channel!

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