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Rosedene celebrates National Brush Day

North East nursery provider, Rosedene Nurseries, has embarked on a dental health project after finding out that one in four children living in Teesside have decaying teeth before the age of five.

In celebration of National Brush Day, Rosedene Nurseries has donated a toothbrush to all of its children and focused activities in nursery this week all around the importance of tooth-brushing and maintaining oral health. The nurseries received oral health training, visited the local dentists, practiced teeth brushing in nursery and the teams shared tips with parents at home!

National Brush Day is an annual initiative, which is conveniently celebrated the day after Halloween to reinforce good brushing habits as part of maintaining excellent oral health. It provides an opportunity for dental professionals to engage with the community and educate children about the significance of regular brushing and dental check-ups.

The children from Rosedene Guisborough nursery took a trip to the Vitality Guisborough dental clinic, where the hygienist captivated the young audience with interactive sessions that simplify the science of teeth and gums in a way that children can understand and enjoy.

Alice McCullagh, director at Rosedene Nurseries said: “It is our duty as an early years provider to teach children about dental hygiene and ensure that they know which foods are bad for your teeth and ultimately help prevent tooth decay from such a young age. What better way to do this than a trip to the dentist!

“We’re also grateful that we have the support from the Oral Health Promotion Team at the Tees Community Dental Service, who delivered oral health training to our Rosedene employees and observed the children’s toothbrushing techniques at Rosedene Ormesby, Guisborough & Saltburn nurseries too!”

The nurseries are well known for their positive parent relationships and events, so took the opportunity to share with each of the children’s families easy and accessible tips on how to maintain healthy toothbrushing at home, such as singing songs and building a routine so families brush their teeth together and set up their children for healthy habits in later life.

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