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5 Ways You Can Encourage Children To Learn About Sustainability at Home

The theme at Rosedene Nurseries this month is sustainability. We know that in today's world, environmental concerns are more prominent than ever, and teaching children about sustainability is crucial. But how do we help under 5's to learn about their world and the small part they can play in protecting it?

Here are five simple ways to encourage your child to learn about sustainability at home.

1. Recycle: Recycling has become a common practice for many of us at home, making this a fun activity involving your child can help them understand this. Explaining to them to importance of separating paper, plastic, glass, and metals, and how recycling helps reduce waste and conserve our resources. Creating a chart or using stickers as a visual aid, makes it more engaging for younger children.

2. Reuse Items for Crafts: This is a great opportunity to use some of the items that you’re planning to recycle as materials for crafts! This not only aids your child’s creativity but also expands their learning of the benefits of recycling. Items like newspapers, cardboard tubes, fabric scraps, and plastic containers, is a great way to illustrate the concept of “reduce, reuse, recycle.”

3. Litter Picking: The next time you head out to the park or maybe even the beach, consider taking along some gloves and bags and spending some time cleaning up the environment together. This teaches children a sense of community and responsibility and sets them up for good habits later in life too.

4. Gardening: Starting a family garden is a hands-on way to teach children about the cycle of life. Whether it’s a vegetable garden, a flower bed, or if you haven’t got much space use a few pots on your windowsill. Gardening offers many lessons in patience, care, and the rewards of hard work.

5. Get Out in Nature: Of course, there’s no better way to learn about the environment than simply being in it. Regular family outings into nature, whether walking, biking, or playing in a local park, can help children develop a love and respect for the natural world. You can also use these trips to talk about wildlife too or the plants and trees you see along the way.

By adding these activities into your family life, you teach your children valuable lessons about sustainability and spend quality time together, making memories that will last a lifetime. These practices will help cultivate a sense of environmental care in your children, ensuring they grow into responsible, eco-conscious adults.

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