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Rosedene Nurseries Graduation 2022

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

The families of children leaving nursery for the last time on their journey to ‘big school’ have gathered across Rosedene settings for their graduation ceremony over the last few weeks.

The four-year-olds, some of whom have been part of the Rosedene family since they were babies, donned caps, gowns, and sashes and made their way up the red carpet to be presented with diplomas in front of their caregivers.

Our Rosedene Teams had written short citations about each child, explaining their strengths and what they would remember about them.

The children will now go on to local primary schools, to start their academic journeys.

Holly Norton, nursery manager at Rosedene Broomfield, said: “It’s really important to celebrate our children’s milestones because it makes them feel appreciated. They work hard and they grow and develop all through their time at Rosedene. It’s also important that their parents get to see their achievements and to hear us say nice things about them, so they know they’re part of our community.

“During their time at Rosedene, a lot of them have built confidence and made friends in the nursery. They’re now going to school with the ability to communicate and to grow friendships and build relationships with teachers and staff. They’re able to explore, use their imaginations and discover through pay.

“We’re really lucky and proud to be able to celebrate all the children’s achievements during their time at Rosedene. They can now go to school with the skills they learned during their time with us, and take those skills with them forever.”

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