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What We Got Up To In January

January was an incredibly exciting time for our nurseries, we kickstarted the new year with new children, new families, and even a new nursery! From National Bird Day to National Storytelling Week, there was something for everyone to enjoy.


On National Bird Day, our nurseries took the opportunity to teach children about the fascinating world of birds. We created bird feeders in our forest school sessions, as well as reading bird books with the children to learn about different species. The children were particularly excited to spot some birds outside in our nursery gardens.

Handwriting Day was another big event for our nurseries. We worked with the children to practice their handwriting skills, ideal for school readiness for our pre-schoolers. From tracing letters to freestyle writing, the children had lots of fun all while learning how to write their name!


Australia Day was a big hit with the children, they loved learning about the country and its unique culture. We brought the Australian outback to nursery and played with a didgeridoo and learned about Australian Aboriginal art! It was a great way to broaden the children's horizons and teach them about different parts of the world.

National Storytelling Week was our highlight of the month, with lots of fantastic stories being shared with the children. Not only did we share the stories that our children marked as their favourites, but we also explored new stories and set up lots of fun activities to get the children excited about reading. It was great to see them engaging with books and developing a love of reading.

Finally, our Forest School programme continued to be a highlight for our children. We spent lots of time outdoors, exploring our nursery gardens and creating masterpieces! The children loved getting creative with the natural resources, and it was a great way to encourage them to be active and develop a love of nature.

We can't wait to see what February has lined-up!


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