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Rosedene Guisborough carry out 20 acts of kindness to celebrate their 20th birthday!

Kindness is integral to life at Rosedene. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Rosedene Guisborough’s 20th Birthday, than to deliver 20 acts of kindness to the local community.

Over the past 6 months our Rosedene children and team made 20 gestures of kindness, each representing a year since the nursery's opening.

Providing enriching learning experiences for children to understand kindness is an essential part of our children’s development, particularly when preparing them for school. By instilling the values of kindness, empathy and compassion, our children are equipped to navigate the social and emotional demands of the school environment.

Rosedene Guisborough have no doubt made a positive impact on the community, bringing smiles and gratitude to the residents, businesses, services and schools. Our team and children worked together to come up with ideas for their acts of kindness, and they were enthusiastic about carrying them out.

Our 20 acts of kindness included...

1.       Taking flowers to the local care home - To bring smiles to the resident's faces and brighten up their day.

2.       Reading a book to a friend - To share stories to help those still learning to read.

3.       Litter-picking at beach school - To protect marine animals and create a safer environment.

4.       Helping to tidy up in their nursery rooms - To build good habits to help at home and at nursery.

5.      Delivered a gift and gratitude card to Guisborough Hospital - To show our appreciation and admiration for their hard work 

6.       Donating a toy to a local charity shop - to provide items to those in need and support local charities.

7.      Making wreaths for loved ones - To spread joy on the countdown to Christmas

8.       Displaying poppies around the local memorial on Remembrance Day - To pay our respects to those who fought for our country.

9.       Leaving flowers and a compliment note on a local park bench for the local resident - To make someone's day and spread kindness.

10.   Delivered a gift and gratitude card to Guisborough police - to express our thanks to them for their dedicated service

11.   Making bird feeders and putting them up in the local area - to give birds a place to stay warm in the winter months.

12.   Donating food to the food bank - To help those in need.

13.   Donating gifts to the local schools for the Christmas fair - To help spread kindness at Christmas by helping schools with gift donations.

14.   Donating chocolate tubs to the Tub2Pub recycling campaign - To help reduce plastic waste and create sustainable habits.

15.   Delivered a gift and gratitude card to Guisborough Fire station - As a gesture of gratitude for their invaluable service

16.   Planting some wildflowers in the park - To help save the bees for a greener planet

17.   Community litter picking - To prevent litter from ending up in our rivers, oceans and wildlife areas

18.   Making Christmas cards for loved ones - To show gratitude and spread Christmas joy

19.   Making and sending Christmas cards to the King & Queen - For their first Christmas as king and queen.

20.   Leaving treats at the park for the local residents - To spread kindness in the community and make someone's day.

We’re so proud of our Rosedene Family and them impact we made on the local community.

Happy Birthday Rosedene Guisborough!

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