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Rosedene Nurseries' Scandinavian approach to outdoor learning

At Rosedene, we THRIVE on outdoor learning! We wanted to dive a bit deeper for parents to explain what we do and why.

What is the Scandinavian Approach to Early Years Education? 

 The Scandinavian approach to early years education is a holistic and child-centered method that emphasises outdoor play and child-led learning. Originating in countries like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, this approach values nature as a crucial learning environment. It focuses on fostering independence, creativity, and social skills through hands-on experiences and free play.  

How we implement this Approach At Rosedene Nurseries 

 We believe that the Scandinavian approach to early years education is the best way to enhance development and learning. Each Rosedene nursery is blessed with big outdoor spaces and, each nursery garden is designed to promote exploration and discovery. These can include risky play, mud-kitchen activities, yoga, outdoor sleeping and all areas that cover our curriculum. 

 Our trained early years educators tailor these activities to meet the unique goals and challenges of each child, ensuring personalised and effective development. This approach has consistently shown lasting benefits and significant growth in our children, seeing improvements in physical health, cognitive skills, resilience, creativity, and social relationships.  


The Impact of Outdoor Learning on Babies, Toddlers, and Pre school Children


Babies: For our youngest learners, outdoor learning stimulates their senses and promotes physical development. Fresh air and natural light help improve sleep patterns, while the varied textures and sounds of nature enhance sensory experiences. Outdoor play also encourages our babies to develop motor skills as they crawl and explore different surfaces.  

Toddlers: At this stage, our toddlers benefit from the freedom and space that our outdoor environments provide. They develop gross motor skills through running, jumping, and climbing. The natural world sparks their curiosity, leading to cognitive growth as they ask questions and seek answers. Social skills are also nurtured as our toddlers interact with their friends during group activities and free play.  

Pre-school Children: For our preschool children, outdoor learning supports more complex cognitive and social development for our eldest children as they prepare to take their next big step into the school environment. They engage in imaginative play, which fosters creativity and problem-solving abilities. Outdoor settings provide endless opportunities for scientific exploration and discovery, enhancing their understanding of the world. Additionally, We support our pre-school children to develop resilience and confidence as they take risks and overcome challenges in a safe, supervised environment.


At Rosedene, our commitment to the Scandinavian approach ensures that every child benefits from a rich, nurturing, and dynamic learning experience, setting the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and a deep connection to nature.


DID YOU KNOW? We have a motto at Rosedene: 

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!  

So our outdoor activities continue whatever the weather! 

Watch our video to hear from our team. 

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