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Rosedene Northallerton pairs up with Mount Vale Care Home.

Recently, the children from our Northallerton setting made some lovely new friends. The residents of Mount Vale Care Home.

Mount Vale Care Home is situated just a couple of minutes’ walk from our Northallerton setting and is a nursing home with special care for those suffering with dementia. The team at Mount Vale very kindly agreed to let the children take part in a Muddy Puddle Walk around the care homes grounds. However, on the day the sun was shining brightly and there was not a muddy puddle in sight!

Instead, the children had lots of fun meeting the residents, who in turn greatly benefited from the presence of our little ones. The children ran around the homes extensive grounds and raced back and forth, much to the delight of the residents. They also took time to pick the prettiest flowers they could find which were then proudly presented to their new friends.

Once the children had been successfully tired out, Mount Vale provided Peppa Pig themed cupcakes and juice which went down a treat before the children reluctantly made their way back to nursery.

As the visit was so beneficial to both the children and the residents, we are planning on this becoming a regular occurrence. There are now plans underway for some small events over the summer including a Sports Day which will be held at Mount Vale for the Rosedene children and their families. This will be accompanied by regular visits to the care home to ensure the new friendships between children and residents can blossom.

We are also hoping to spread this approach across more of our settings and hope to get other care homes in the region involved with as many of our nurseries as possible.

From all at Rosedene we would like to say a huge thank you to the team at Mount Vale, we look forward too many more visits in the future.

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