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What Are The 7 EYFS Learning Areas?

The activities and experiences that childcare providers offer children help to shape their learning and development. The EYFS is an educational programme that states that any educational activities and experiences provided to children must cover 7 interconnected and significant areas of development and learning.

Below you will find a more detailed insight to these 7 areas and why they are so important:

1. Communication and Language Development – If children are provided with an environment in which they can express themselves freely and listen and speak in various situations they will naturally be encouraged to develop language and communication skills.

2. Physical Development – Every child loves to be active, however it is also important for them to understand how important healthy food choices and continued physical activity are any why they are so important.

3. Social, Personal and Emotional Development – This area of learning helps children develop their social skills and respect as well as understanding different feelings of themselves and others.

4. Literacy Development – This area focuses on children developing phonemic awareness, which is the ability to hear and identify different sounds and words eventually aiding in reading and writing.

5. Mathematics – It is important that children develop skills with numbers and calculations, as well as being able to identify spaces, measures, and shapes.

6. Understanding The World – This is all about children exploring and observing everything in their environment, different places they go to and technology that they use, in order to help them make sense of things.

7. Expressive Arts and Design – Activities such as arts and crafts, playing with instruments and using technology all help children to learn new things and express themselves.

Rosedene Nurseries Ltd implement these 7 EYFS areas of learning into all the activities and experiences we provide for the children in our care to encourage learning and development whilst having fun.

If you would like more information about any of our nurseries please feel free to contact us on 07958 200231 or you can read more on the 7 EYFS areas here

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