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World Book Day: 4 Ways To Encourage Reading At Home

World Book Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the joys of reading with our little ones. Storytelling is the big focus across our nurseries this week. Children will explore their favourite books; we will enhance this experience with hands-on activities and even extend into our unique forest school programme.

As parents and caregivers, we play a crucial role in nurturing a love for books in children that can last a lifetime and help prepare them for the school environment.

Here are four simple yet effective ways to encourage and inspire young readers at home:

Lead by Example

Children often mimic the behaviors of their parents and adults in their lives, so if you love reading yourself, make sure to talk about this with your child. Whether it's a novel, magazine, or even a recipe book, let your child see you engaging in books too!

Create a Cosy Reading Nook

Having a special reading corner in your home can make reading time feel like a special treat. It doesn’t have to be fancy or require a lot of space either, you can fill it with comfortable cushions, a soft blanket, and, most importantly, a variety of age-appropriate books that cater to your child's interests.

Make Reading Fun

Bring storytelling into your families daily routine by using silly voices for different characters or acting out scenes from the book together. You can also encourage your child to draw their favorite part of the story or even create their own alternate ending.

Visit your local library

Libraries are filled with exciting books for all ages, take regular trips to the library with your family and let them choose their own books to borrow. Many libraries offer children’s events and activities to take part in too.

By introducing these simple yet effective strategies to your families routine, parents can encourage a love for reading in their children that will enrich their interests and imaginations for years to come.

Happy World Book Day from Rosedene!


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